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Why choose our automatic faucet?

ECONOMIZE ON WATERFlow automatically with in the range of reaction, handle on and off the water automatically.

SANITATIONDon’t need to keep in touch with any position of machine when using, it flow and shut in water automatically. It is sanitation, avoiding bacterium’s cross infection effectively.
INTELLIGENCEMachine adopt microcomputer control, consist of one minute such as time such as washing, machine will imprison water automatically. Prevent from the foreign matter causes the water resource to be wasted within the range of reaction for a long time.
SAVE THE ELECTRICITYThe machine use 4 AA alkaline battery , and use it 300times every day, does not need to change the battery within two years.
SAFEGUARD IT CONVENIENTLYSet up water amount regulating valve and filter inside, it is convenient to regulate water amount and drive the impurity out.
SUITABLE PLACESuitable for the hotel, airport,station,school,hospital ,office building, and other public place.